Managing User Accounts

In general, accounts for users in Onedata are created using social/community login - OpenID or SAML. It is also possible to create user accounts manually in Onepanel, allowing users to log in using HTTP basic authentication, i.e. with username and password. However, such accounts have administrative character and should be limited. This type of user accounts can be created using the Onepanel service REST interface.

Managing manual user accounts

Onepanel provides a simple REST API for management of user accounts in the Onezone service.


Onepanel service supports basic authentication using usernames and passwords. After the installation of Onepanel service, the first user can be created without providing authentication credentials and this user will be the admin. All consecutive account creation requests will create new users with either regular or admin role depending on the parameters specified in the body of request.

Creating new users

The user can be added by invoking a POST request to the Onepanel /user REST endpoint and providing user credentials, which include:

  • username - the user login name
  • password - user password
  • userRole - currently only 2 roles are supported: admin and regular

The following examples assume that the following environment variables had been exported:

  • ONEZONE_HOST - The IP or FQDN of the Onezone service
  • ADMIN_USERNAME - Onezone service administrator username
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD - Onezone service administrator password
  • USERNAME - The new user username
  • PASSWORD - The new user password

Now, a new user can be created using the following command line request:

curl -X POST -u ${ADMIN_USERNAME}:${ADMIN_PASSWORD} -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"username": "'$USERNAME'", "password": "'$PASSWORD'", "userRole": "regular"}' \

In order to modify the user details (currently only password can be changed) use the following command:

curl -X PATCH -u ${ADMIN_USERNAME}:${ADMIN_PASSWORD} -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{"currentPassword": "'$ADMIN_PASSWORD'", "newPassword": "'$PASSWORD'"}' \

In order for these users to login to Onezone, onepanel authentication has to be enabled in the Onezone config as described here.

Removing users

In order to remove an existing user account, simply execute DELETE method on the user path and provide user name, i.e.: