Onezone Overview

Onezone is a cluster solution that divides Onedata distributed system into zones. There can be only one Onezone service in a zone. Providers register with/join Onezone service in order to communicate with each other and expose their resources to users.

Onezone service is a gateway for users to Onedata system. It is responsible for authentication and authorization of users using Open ID services such as: Github, Facebook, Google and Dropbox.

It allows users to:

  • generate space support tokens, that can be used to support user spaces with storage from a dedicated storage provider
  • monitor availability of storage providers that support user spaces
  • see the geographical distribution of storage providers
  • select storage providers
  • collaborate with other users by sharing single files or entire data spaces or creating and managing user groups

Onezone is a cluster solution that is composed of 3 types of services:

  • Cluster Manager - an administrative service that monitors the health of the cluster, performs load balancing and manages other cluster nodes
  • Worker - a service for data management
  • Database - a service providing persistent storage for metadata and transfer control

Each service can be scaled to any number of nodes in a site, depending on the performance and reliability requirements. The cluster can be administered from any node, thanks to Onepanel web application that runs on every Onedata node.