Compatibility reference

Please refer to the below compatibility tables to choose the right software version of Onedata products (Onezone, Oneprovider or Oneclient). Depending on the product you wish to deploy, make sure it is compatible with the software that is already in place in your environment.

It may be useful to inspect the tables when performing rollover upgrades of multiple products.

Onezone & Oneprovider

Below table shows what Oneprovider versions can be used with given Onezone version.

Oneprovider & Oneprovider

Below table shows the compatibility of different Oneprovider versions with each other. Oneprovider instances must be compatible if they cooperate in any way – e.g. when supporting the same space.

Oneprovider & Oneclient

Below table shows what Oneclient versions can be used with given Oneprovider version.