Downloading Onedata

Onedata platform is composed of 3 basic components:

  • Oneprovider - service which manages actual storage resources contributed by storage providers
  • Onezone - service which enables federation of multiple storage providers into zones ( is an example of a zone)
  • Oneclient - command line tool for accessing and managing user spaces via virtual file system

The selection of components to install depends on the particular requirements. End users typically only need to install Oneclient command-line tool.

The storage providers need to install at least one Oneprovider service in their datacenter on machines which have access to the storage resources. Since each Oneprovider service must be registered in some Onezone service, the storage provider has a choice to join existing zone (such as or establish their own, by setting up Onezone service.

Onedata components can be built from sources, installed from a pre-built release package or deployed by using ready-to-go docker images. If you do not plan on developing Onedata itself, we suggest using docker images.

Docker images

Currently the best way to install Onedata services is using Docker. We provide a complete set of Docker images covering all Onedata services.

Pre-built Linux packages

We provide packages Oneprovider and Onezone for:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • CentOS 7

and Oneclient packages for:

  • Ubuntu 14.04, 16.04
  • CentOS 7

The bash script at, which can be downloaded with wget or curl, automatically downloads Onedata packages and installs them on your machine, provided that the operating system version is supported.

# wget version
wget -q -O - | bash    # for oneclient
wget -q -O - | bash  # for oneprovider
wget -q -O - | bash      # for onezone

# curl version
curl -sS | bash       # for oneclient
curl -sS | bash     # for oneprovider
curl -sS | bash         # for onezone

For detailed instructions on installing Oneclient see here.

For detailed instructions on installing Onezone see here and for Oneprovider see here.

Building from source

Onedata is composed of several components, to find instruction on building each of them from source please checkout our main README at our GitHub repository.