File Management

Managing files

Web interface

All files in Onedata are organized in spaces. The Web User interface allows for uploading new files as well as opening existing files.

In order to upload a file simply open the directory in which the file should be placed and drag the file into the browser window:

Opening or downloading a file simply requires double clicking on the file in the file window.

Make sure that the popups for this browser window are not blocked, and unblock them if necessary.

Direct access via POSIX

Files can also be accessed directly via POSIX protocol, using Oneclient tool. Details on how to use are described here.

CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface)

For more advanced use cases, files can be managed using CDMI protocol, as described in details here.

File Permissions

You can control access to your data with a combination of:

  • classical (POSIX) file permissions
  • access control lists

POSIX Permissions

Onedata allows you to control access to your data in a POSIX fashion for users, group and others in terms of read, write and executable permissions. In order to edit permissions:

  1. Navigate to Oneprovider page
  2. Navigate to data management page, by click on Data on the left menubar
  3. Select a file or a directory by clicking on it
  4. Click on the lock icon
  5. Select POSIX type of permissions radio button at the top
  6. Enter privileges in octal form (e.g. 770)
  7. Click OK in order to save changes

Access Control Lists

You can also setup permissions using more advanced Access Control Lists option to control permissions for individual users and groups.

In order to edit ACL's:

  1. Navigate to Data tab
  2. Select a file or a directory by clicking on it
  3. Click on the lock icon
  4. Click on the ACL radio button
  5. Edit permissions by clicking on the appropriate checkbox
  6. Click OK in order to save changes

Note, that access lists take precedence over POSIX permissions. If access list is set, POSIX are set to octal value of 000.

The order in which permissions take precedence is indicated with an arrow.