Handle services

Onedata supports Open Access identifier registration services based on Handle system such as DOI or PID.

Registering a handle service

In order to allow users to register identifiers for their shares it is first necessary to register a Handle registrar and give proper permissions to appropriate users.

Currently this functionality is available only using the REST API.

Registering new Handle service

The command below adds a new Handle service (in this case DataCite) for assigning DOI identifiers via Onezone service.

curl -k -u username:password -X POST  -H "Content-type: application/json" \
    -d @datacite.json https://$ONEZONE_HOST/api/v3/handle_services

where datacite.json in the current directory contains the following content:

    "name": "MyCommunity Handle service",
    "proxyEndpoint": "localhost:17000/handle_proxy",
    "serviceProperties": {
        "allowTemplateOverride": false,
        "doiEndpoint": "/doi",
        "host": "https://mds.test.datacite.org",
        "identifierTemplate": "{{space.name}}-{{space.guid}}",
        "mediaEndpoint": "/media",
        "metadataEndpoint": "/metadata",
        "password": "PASSWORD",
        "prefix": "10.5072",
        "type": "DOI",
        "username": "USERNAME"

The identifier of the Handle service will be returned in the Location: header of the response if successful.

Adding users to Handle service

In order to allow other users in the community to register their shares using Handle service.

In order to add a user to specific Handle service invoke the following request:

curl -k -u username:password -X PUT \

where HANDLE_SERVICE_ID is the ID of the Handle service returned during registration and USER_ID is the ID of the user who should have permission to register identifiers for shares using this service.

More operations on the Handle service are possible using the REST API.