Onedata privileges

Onedata implements an extensive privilege management system, which enables fine grained control over all security aspects related to data access and sharing.

The privileges in Onedata can be divided into the following categories:

  • Space privileges
  • Group privileges
  • Handle privileges
  • Onezone privileges

Most of these privileges can be either managed using the Graphical User Interface in web browser (see space management, group management and file management), as well as using REST API.

REST API privilege management

Onedata REST API provides comprehensive means for managing permissions for users, spaces, groups and Onezone service. Please note that all these operations require ID's of users, spaces and groups respectively - not names.

Space privileges

Space privileges can be assigned either to individual users or groups of users as well.

The following space privileges are available:

Privilege Description
space_delete Allow removing of this space
space_invite_group Allow inviting other groups to this space
space_invite_provider Allow adding new storage providers to this space
space_invite_user Allow inviting other users to this space
space_manage_shares Allow management of shares related to this space
space_remove_group Allow removing groups from this space
space_remove_provider Allow removing storage providers supporting this space
space_remove_user Allow removing users from space
space_set_privileges Allow changing privileges for this space
space_update Allow modifying space content
space_view Allow browsing space content
space_write_data Allow write access to space

These privileges can be changed using the REST API, depending on whether they are assigned to an invdividual user or a group of users. Below are some examples:

  • List the permisions of user 'ABC123' for space 'QWE789':
    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
    which should return something similar to:
    {"privileges": ["space_view", "space_modify","space_delete"]}
  • Limit user 'ABC123' to only browse contents of space 'QWE789':
    curl -X PATCH -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
    -d '{"privileges": ["space_view"]}' -H 'Content-type: application/json' \
  • Allow group 'IOP567' to only change privileges of space 'QWE789':
    curl -X PATCH -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
    -d '{"privileges": ["space_set_privileges"]}' -H 'Content-type: application/json'\

Please note that modifying space privileges requires providing complete set of privileges. For instance in the last example if the group IOP567 already has other privileges than space_set_privileges they will be removed and only space_set_privileges will be valid.

Group privileges

In order to understand group privilege management functionality, it is necessary to first understand 2 concepts related to group functionality in Onedata.

Child groups Child groups (or subgroups) allow creation of arbitrary hierarchies of groups of users. Each group can have mutliple parents and siblings.

Effective users Since users to each group or space can be either assigned directly, or indirectly via groups and their subgroups, effective user set contains all users either directly or indirectly assigned to a specific space or group.

The following privileges can be assigned to groups:

Below are presented examples of using the API for group privilege management.

Privilege Description
group_create_space Allow group user to create spaces
group_delete Allow group user to remove the group
group_invite_group Allow group user to invite other groups to join this group
group_invite_user Allow inviting other users to the group
group_join_group Allow group user to join this group with other groups
group_join_space Allow group to join other spaces
group_leave_space Allow group user to remove the group from a specific space
group_remove_group Allow group user to remove groups which have joined this group
group_remove_user Allow removing users from the group
group_set_privileges Allow group user to change group privileges
group_update Allow modifying group information
group_view Allow group user to view group data

Example group privilege REST API calls are presented below:

  • List group 'IOP567' permissions to space 'QWE789':

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  • List subgroup 'GDP678' permissions in group 'IOP567':

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  • List user 'ABC123' permissions in group 'IOP567':

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  • List effective user 'ABC123' permissions in group 'IOP567':

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \

Handle service privileges

These privileges control access rights to Handle services registered within a Onezone.

Privilege Description
handle_service_delete Remove a handle service
handle_service_list_handles List handles registered by a handle service
handle_service_register_handle Register a new handle using a handle service
handle_service_update Modify a handle service
handle_service_view View handle service details

Handle privileges

These privileges control access to specific handles (DOI's, PID's) assigned to specific shares and registered using a specific Handle Service.

Privilege Description
handle_delete Remove specific handle
handle_update Change specific handle attributes
handle_view View specific handle details

Onezone privileges

Finally, in order to gain access to specific parts of the Onezone service itself, it is possible to assign certain permissions to users as well as groups, although these permissions typically should be limited to administrators for monitoring and accounting services.

Privilege Description
oz_groups_add_members Add any user to any group
oz_groups_list_groups List subgroups of any group
oz_groups_list_users List users of any group
oz_groups_list List all groups in the Onezone instance and get their details
oz_groups_remove_members Remove any user from any group
oz_handle_services_create Create hande service
oz_handle_services_list List all handle services
oz_handles_list List all handles
oz_providers_delete Remove any Oneprovider registered in this Onezone
oz_providers_list_groups List groups of a specific provider
oz_providers_list_spaces List spaces supported by a specific provider
oz_providers_list_users List users of a specific provider
oz_providers_list Allow the user to list all providers registered in the zone
oz_set_privileges Allow the user to modify the privileges
oz_shares_list List all shares
oz_spaces_add_members Allows to add any user or group to any space (typically for zone administrators)
oz_spaces_list_groups List all groups belonging to any space
oz_spaces_list_providers Allow the user to see all providers supporting specific space
oz_spaces_list_users List all users of any space
oz_spaces_list List all spaces in the Onezone instance and get their details
oz_spaces_remove_members Allows to remove any user or group from any space (typically for zone administrators)
oz_users_delete Remove any user
oz_users_list List all users in the Onezone instance and get their details
oz_view_privileges Allow the user to view privileges

Each of these privileges can be assigned to an individual user or a group of users. Example operations are presented below:

  • List user 'ABC123' permissions to Onezone service:

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
  • List group 'IOP567' permissions to Onezone service:

    curl -X GET -H "X-Auth-Token: $ACCESS_TOKEN" \